VP’s Guide to Crowdsourcing

Merriam-Webster defines crowdsourcing as, “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.”

So, what does that mean, and what does crowdsourcing have to do with working from home?

What is it? There are several types of crowdsourcing; however, the type we’re talking about involves breaking up work into microtasks, then sending those tasks out to a mass of people to complete for pay. Crowdsourcing helps companies get the job done faster, cheaper, and normally with less errors. Crowdsourcing jobs are normally contract positions that range from classifying photos and evaluating social media pages, to completing surveys and commenting on blogs. The best part? The work can be done from home.


What is it like? While crowdsourcing often pays a set rate for each task, other projects pay a competitive hourly rate. The work is easy, quick, and normally can be done whenever it’s convenient for you. Depending on the company, payouts are done via an online service, check, or direct deposit. Some companies have a dollar amount that needs to be reached in order to pay out, while others pay on a regular basis.

girl-sitting-on-couch-blue-dress-1Who is it best for? Individuals who are not out to earn a large salary, but are looking for some extra cash and needing a job quickly, will benefit most from this type of work. Crowdsourcing is also best suited for those who can learn and operate new computer programs easily. And, while crowdsourcing companies usually hire many people, do not plan on communicating with any of them. Crowdsourcing is usually a solitary gig unless you receive the occasional email from a manager or tech person.

What’s the catch? There are mixed reviews about crowdsourcing companies. In my experience, the work was steady, as was the paycheck for the time I did it. However, it’s not for everyone since the work may not be regular and tends to be repetitive. Still, I was able to earn some cash within a month’s time and do it from home while I looked for a more sizable source of income for my individual needs. I was also able to perform the work while the kiddos were still asleep which was an added bonus.

Below is a list of crowdsourcing companies who hire remote workers from home:

Amazon Mechanical Turk 



Crowd Flower  

Field Agent  

Gig Walk 


Micro Workers 



Smart Crowd Lionbridge 

Happy job hunting!

~Shannon, Virtual Professions

Please note, we do not represent ANY of the companies listed within this article, nor do we endorse them. This post is for information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Please do your homework about any company before accepting a job offer and NEVER pay anyone money for a job.

*Photos courtesy of Unsplash and Pixabay.